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With a compassionate and experienced team of anthem blue cross psychiatrists in Orange County, OC Teen Center is a top-rated treatment center with the best teen counselors and budget-friendly prices.

Does anthem blue cross cover therapy for children and teenagers?

Yes, Anthem Blue Cross covers therapy for children and adolescents. However, you must find an in-network therapist to receive coverage. You only have to pay a copay of $0-$75/session when you choose an in-network therapist.

Depending upon the plan you choose, you may have to pay the provider’s full session fee until you meet your annual deductible. Your yearly deductible is the total amount of your medical expenses before your health insurance kicks in. Some anthem plans cover the cost of in-network therapy sessions even before you meet your deductible. Talking to your insurance provider or visiting the anthem blue cross website can help you verify your specific plan coverage details and rates. Therapy falls under the outpatient mental health category. So, ask your provider about your coverage benefits for outpatient mental health treatment. We are a leading outpatient therapy clinic with an experienced team of anthem psychiatrists in Orange, CA.

Does Anthem BCBS cover mental health?

BCBS health plans generally cover behavioral and mental health treatments. The type of plan you own determines the services covered under mental health treatment, the copays or coinsurance amounts, and the network of potential providers that you can visit for therapy.

Some BCBS plans cover medications for mental health too. With a highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate team of in-network Orange County Anthem psychiatrists, we help children and teenagers between ages 12 and 19 overcome their behavioral and mental health issues in a safe, speedy, and effective manner.

How to choose an in-network therapist?

Deciding to have your child meet with one of the Anthem teen counselors in Orange County may be one of your first and most important steps towards helping them overcome their struggles. Here’s how to choose an in-network therapist:

  1. Ask your primary care provider, family, and friends for recommendations of potential psychiatrists. Call the shortlisted counselors’ offices to make appointments so that you can interview the therapists and choose the one you like the best.
  2. Research the psychiatrist’s credentials and consider their experience before you arrive at a decision
  3. Inquire about their Telehealth capabilities, evaluate a therapist’s communication style, and read their patient reviews before choosing one of the Anthem Blue Cross psychiatrists near me. 

Your goal should be to find an in-network therapist with the highest level of experience and credentials, several positive reviews, and the best treatment outcomes.

How do I know if my health insurance plan provides mental health coverage?

Verify your plan benefits’ description that would include information on your coverage benefits for behavioral health and mental health services. Call your insurance company directly if you still have doubts about your plan’s layout.

Reach us at 714-716-5044 to schedule a consultation with one of our therapists. OC Teen Center has a highly skilled and experienced team of anthem blue cross psychiatrists in Orange County and hundreds of positive reviews. Call us today to help your child lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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