Can Scalp Micropigmentation Work For Beards?

Hair loss can be a terrible thing for one to have to go through. Even though it is a common occurrence, it still does not make it a great experience. This is just the hair on top of the head, you haven’t even begun to look at hair on other parts of the body, say, the face.

Yes, facial hair is just as important as the hair on top of the head. For thousands of years, facial hair has always been recognized as a symbol of a man coming into his own. It was the sign of ultimate masculinity as practiced in many different cultures all around the world.

Today, the beard is not only a status symbol, but also quite the fashion statement that can completely change the look of a man in ways they had not anticipated. However, it’s not every man who gets to enjoy the growth of a full and luscious beard.


Losing hair on the face.


At the mention of the phrase hair loss, many people will immediately picture a bald head for men, or hairless patches around the head for both men and women. That’s not the only form of hair loss possible.


Alopecia Universalis.


Your body can also undergo various forms of hair loss. The most famous of this is Alopecia Universalis. This is a condition where your own immune system begins to attack the hair follicles on your had and your body.

This type of hair loss is characterized by hair loss on the crown of the head, and then followed by hair loss around various parts of the body. These parts include the eye brows, moustache, beard and general body hair.

If you have experienced these kinds of hair loss, you know how terrible an experience it is, and you need to find a solution for it.




To go through life without coming out with some scars is something that is highly underrated. To those who aren’t so lucky, various forms of injury can result in skin on your face that is not going to grow any hair on it. It doesn’t have to be large; it can just be various scars across your face that just mess up with the look of your beard.

Then there are those who may have suffered various degrees of burns to their faces. While the skin may have healed to a degree, you may still not be able to sprout the beard of your dreams.

You don’t have to be left behind while the rest of your buddies flaunt like peacocks. You can do something about it.


Thinning hair.


You may have been lucky to avoid any sort of situation that would result in injuries to your face, but then some other kind of trauma affected your psyche. Getting placed under intense psychological pressure in the form of stress and others can result in hair thinning out and falling off.

While this is most noticeable on your head, it will certainly also affect your face. While you were able to previously grow your beard and moustache well, the latest iterations have been weak and pathetic, forcing you to shave them off.


The Solution.


The above mentioned are quite common ways to end up with a thin beard, or none at all. While they leave a lot to be desired, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a way around it. While earlier there were none, the technology possible today opens up a world of different options that were previously just a dream.

The first of these is, of course, a transplant. A transplant is the most natural way to get the look that you want. It utilizes your own hair to get the fullness and the thickness that you are looking for. There is one caveat though.

The cost.

While a transplant may be great, the cost of treatment for a beard transplant can be close to the price of a new car. That new Toyota GR Yaris may give you more fulfillment and utility in comparison to a fuller beard as they cost the same.

If you aren’t willing to spend that much, then there is only one other treatment that can rival a transplant.

Scalp Micro pigmentation to the rescue.


Here is a technique that was developed specifically for people who have developed various degrees of hair loss on top of their head. The process of scalp micropigmentation may look quite close to that of a tattoo, but there are marked differences.

For one, the instrument used in this process is slightly different to that of a tattoo. Also, the ink that is used in the scalp micropigmentation procedure is different. It has been developed to closely match the natural hair colors that most people have.

During the process, the pigment will only be deposited two skin layers deep. This is what create the characteristic hair follicle look.

The entire reason of this article is to find out whether the scalp micropigmentation process can be used on a beard, and the answer is yes!

Skin is skin. It doesn’t matter whether it is on top of the head or on the side of your head quite close to the cheeks. The scalp micropigmentation procedure will work, and this time on the skin around your beard.

This is how the technician will get to craft the perfect faux beard that you have ever seen. Using the same techniques as those of the scalp, the technician will create the stubble that you like, if your face is currently not sprouting any hair.

For those that already have a beard, the micropigmentation procedure will add depth, volume and character to your beard. You can also have a designer cut added to your face to forever give you the look of a well-manicured beard.

There are hundreds of design styling and cues that you can achieve with micropigmentation for a beard. You can also choose to invent your own and stun the people around you with it.