Does Long Scalp Micro Pigmentation Last?

Does Long Scalp Micro Pigmentation Last?

There are many different way in which to combat hair loss. Perhaps the most sought after is the hair transplant. This, however, is only possible when the individual in question can meet the costs associated with the hair transplant.

There are also various methods such as laser caps, biotin shampoos and topical hair growth treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine. These methods do work, but their effectiveness varies from person to person.

If you have tried these and you are yet to be satisfied, or you are looking for a method that will guarantee satisfaction, then scalp micropigmentation is your number one choice. But does it really last?


The Process of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last Long?

The process of getting scalp micropigmentation is similar to that of getting a tattoo, but there are marked differences. For one, the tattoo needle penetrates deeper into the skin and creates a blotchy appearance whereas the micropigmentation needle doesn’t penetrate deep to create the illusion of stubbly hair.

This is a process that is conducted over two to three sessions. These sessions will usually happen at least two weeks apart. The purpose of this is the first session will be a gauge of how well the process has gone. It is not unusual to have some fading after this session.

The other two sessions are meant to add detail into the micropigmentation. This includes things like the density, fullness and visual texture of the micropigmentation. This ensures that the process is permanent and when well taken care of, can take at least four to six years before any fading is noticeable.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Fade?


As earlier stated, the micropigmentation is meant to serve you Like everything else that can happen to your body, it is highly subject to the makeup of your body in terms of skin type, the lifestyle you live among other things. If you spend a lot of time in the sun without some form of protection, UV radiation will increase the rate at which the ink fades.

Spending a lot of time in the sun is not only disadvantageous for the scalp micropigmentation, it can also lead to cases of sunburn. If you are going to be under the glare of the sun, then it would be best to invest in a sunscreen that is high is SPF.

The skin is made up of wafer like layers. Whereas a tattoo will go more than five layers deep, scalp micropigmentation will only go two. As the largest organ in the body, the skin is capable of magical things. One of those is self-exfoliation. As the days go by and the skin removes dead cells and renews itself with others, this will cause the ink to fade.

The shade of ink you use will also be a factor in how long the micropigmentation will stay on your head. To keep things consistent with natural hair, a special ink known as Folicule was created just for this purpose. Currently, this is the only ink tested and is known to give consistent result.