Does Scalp Micropigmentation look good on men of different ethnicities?

All you need to know about Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin.

Alopecia (hair loss) is a common dermatological condition that affects men of all ages. Men from all ethnic populations lose hair and develop pattern baldness, often in a different way and to a various degree. Unfortunately, that is the fact. Although the hair loss problem is not life-threatening, its nature always has an emotional impact on the quality of life, significantly influencing the psychological health of affected men of all ethnicities. No wonder why! Hair is the most striking characteristic of the visual appearance. That is why people affected by hair loss need to overcome the psychological impact of it and seek for an effective solution. Thankfully, we have Scalp Micropigmentation, which can effectively help to camouflage hair loss conditions.

Hair Ethnic Types [1]

Researchers usually classify hair into three major groups according to ethnic origins. Each ethnic group features different hair characteristic.

  • Asian Hair Asian hair is usually straight, dark in colour, and large in diameter. This hair ethnic type shows multiple unique structures and properties. Generally exhibits the strongest mechanical properties and the faster growth rate (411+/- 53 μm/day).

  • African Hair African hair has the slowest growth rate, is more fragile, which is associated with lower breaking stress and lower breaking elongation of fibres. Is generally characterised by tight curls and tends to grow pretty much parallel to the scalp.

  • Caucasian Hair Caucasian hair appears to be straight, curly or wavy. Can vary in colour from blond to dark brown. Tends to grow diagonally at a medium rate (367+/- 56 μm/day) with the most hydrated fibre.

Unfortunately, none of the ethnic groups above is immune to hair loss and thinning problems. The severity of decreasing coverage of the scalp varies largely among different ethnicities, resulting in losing the hair in diverse patterns.


Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin

Everyone considering Scalp Micropigmentation, expects inartificial results, complimenting natural hair colour and skin tone seamlessly. The procedure itself can be performed on anyone, but how the finished treatment appears is the ultimate consideration.


Process of Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin client is challenging and adds a layer of difficulty to the treatment. It requires a good understanding of the differences in hair morphologies, structures, and properties among various populations. To perform scalp micropigmentation on dark skin in the correct way, a set of knowledge, experience, and skills are vital.


Why is that?


Scalp micropigmentation, when performed on dark skin, needs accurate application technique and right density.

African and Asian men have thicker and denser hair than Caucasians, and therefore require a different method of blending and follicle replications. There is a need for greater amounts of ink to fill larger hair follicles. Their hairlines and hairstyles are also different with more defined sharp modern looks.


What is the risk?


If the Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin is performed by an inexperienced technician, and the follicles are not the right size, the final result may look less seamless like it should. While the scalp micropigmentation on dark skin tone scalp does not bring any health-related risk, it is necessary not to lose the individual dot definition. The caution must be taken critically to avoid a blackout effect (merged pigment dots) when treating darker scalp.


How to avoid the risk?


To ensure the results of scalp micropigmentation on dark skin are not ruined, and you do not end up with a smudge left on your scalp, take a cue from those who apply scalp micropigmentation on dark skin. Make sure you opt for a qualified Scalp Micripoigmentation Artist with a specific experience in the scalp micropigmentation on dark skin tones treatments. Check the portfolio of every clinic you consider, read the reviews and ask for photo references. This is particularly critical before you even make the first appointment.

Be aware that if the SMP artist tells you that Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin does not differ from SMP on white caucasian ethnicity men. It is the first signal that this particular SMP artist does not know the requirements of darker skin tone demands. Please avoid this particular one by all means.


To read more about how to choose the best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist for your treatment, click here.

Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin tones can work just as well as it does for male clients of any other ethnicity. The clue is in choosing a Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic experienced in treating dark-skinned male clients, like here at Scalp we understand that each male person experiencing hair loss has similar concerns, but darker scalps have different requirements. At Scalp we can address these needs without a doubt. To see the results of scalp micropigmentation on our dark-skinned clients, please click here.

If you are looking for the right Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic to perform Scalp Micropigmentation on dark skin, we are just a phone call away. Get in touch today.

[1] Source: Dovepress