Scalp Micro pigmentation versus other hair loss treatments

Hair has to be one of the most important features on a person’s head. The very condition of your hair can be a look into how one is feeling in that moment. Well kempt hair that is nothing less than lustrous can give a great confidence boost to the wearer.

This is the major reason why hair loss can be a such a problematic thing to have to undergo. Not only is confidence dented, but some lifestyle changes will usually follow.

Thankfully there are a variety of treatments to help deal with the loss of hair, but how do they stand up against scalp micropigmentation?


The Hair Fibres Vs Scalp Micropigmentation


The power of science can make things that look like they belong in The Mask movie or some cartoon come to life. For as much as one can poke fun at the prospect of growing hair from a can, this is a product that has been working wonders for years.

Hair fibres are basically synthetic keratin, a similar makeup to the one that makes up your hair. This keratin in a can is positively charged. When you spray it onto your head, it binds to the negatively charged keratin that is the hair on your head.

The biggest caveat of hair fibre usage is you should never let any moisture, whether from rain, sweating or any other source touch your hair.

With scalp micropigmentation, you never have to worry about applying product to your hair every day. It is low maintenance and will serve you for years to come.

Scalp Micropigmentation versus other hair loss treatments

Topical applications Vs Scalp Micropigmentation


The thing with these topical applications and other medical prescriptions is that their success is contingent on how early you catch the hair loss. In essence, you should still have hair on your head if you would like to see some results from medications such as Rogaine, also known as Finasteride, and Propecia better known as Minoxidil.

If the hair loss is caught too late, then there is a possibility that these medications will not work. Also, if the kind of hair loss you are experiencing is not caused by male pattern baldness, then Propecia will definitely not work for you and you have to rely on Rogaine.

Rogaine by itself can be such poor medication that you will have to supplement it with Minoxidil if you want to see any tangible results from usage. It doesn’t stop there.

Scalp Micropigmentation versus other hair loss treatments

You have to use these medications every day for as long as you want to maintain a head full of hair. The moment you stop, the hair also begins to thin.

That’s not even the worst part.

The much you fight to keep your hair by using these medications, you end up causing a serious issue elsewhere. Minoxidil has been linked to cases of erectile dysfunction.

With scalp pigmentation, you don’t have to worry about whether you forgot to apply the medication when you left home. You won’t have to worry about long term cost and whether you will be able to maintain it. Once you get the treatment, you are good for at least the next five years.