The Signs You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss


Typically, when you come across a headline such as this, the article is mostly leading back to a dingy site with questionable credentials; basically clickbait. In it, you may encounter anecdotal evidence that strongly suggests you are experiencing hair loss to get you to panic buy a product they may be getting a cut from.

As such, it would be best to help mystify exactly how hair loss happens as there are different forms. Of these forms, some are reversible, some are not and you may have to use techniques such as scalp micropigmentation.


Receding hairline.


This is probably the most noticeable sign that your hair is thinning and dying out permanently. The process tends to haven quite slow to the point by the time one notices, a great amount on hair will have already been lost. A receding hairline can happen either as the first sign of hair loss, or happen some time after losing hair starting from the crown.

The Signs You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss

Losing hair at the crown.


Also, a great indicator that hair loss is coming is the thinning of hair at the crown of the head. In people who will lose hair, thinning at the crown will happen years before the hair line starts to recede.

However, losing hair at the crown can be an indicator of another type of hair loss. If you have undergone a period of intensive mental or physical stress, then you are likely to experience a process known as telogen effluvium. This is when your hair thins and falls out as a result of the stressful conditions you are currently facing.

This process can sometimes be reversible by changing a diet to protein heavy meals or using topical hair growth medication. If nothing changes, then scalp pigmentation can help hide the patch on your scalp.


Losing hair while grooming.


It is normal to lose hair on a daily basis. It is the rate of losing hair to replacement that should be something to ponder on. Typically, people can lose anywhere from 50 to 250 hairs a day. This is evident when you see hair in your shower or on your comb.

However, when you notice that you have lost a lot of hair in a very short time, this can be cause for alarm. This increased shedding could be an indicator of hair loss. You do need to check whether it is due to any issues you may currently be facing with your health, or the products you are using.

The Signs You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss


The Balding Gene.


Probably the most obvious reason why you are losing hair in the first place. A great indicator that this is the case is to look at your family line. If the men in your family, on either side, have bald heads, then it is possible that you could have inherited the gene.

Even if it skipped a generation, it doesn’t mean that you became immune from it. It would be best to rule out all the other causes before settling on the balding gene as your cause for losing hair.