Will Scalp Micropigmentation Fix My Hairline?

Hair loss is such a common phenomenon that it would be difficult to go a day without seeing someone experiencing one form of it. According to the British Association of Dermatologists, abbreviated as BAD (ominous or just capturing the mood?), 50% of men who are above the age of 50 have experienced some form of Male Pattern Hair Loss.

This doesn’t just happen overnight, it is something that starts as early as 25 and progresses as the years go by.

Even though balding is a natural issue, it doesn’t stop the serious self-esteem and other psychological issues that come with it. While a hair transplant can produce excellent results, there are various reasons as to why you don’t want one.

So, what options does that leave you?

Scalp micropigmentation.


What exactly is scalp micropigmentation?


Have you ever thought to yourself how does a tattoo remain permanent on one’s skin? The ink used only loses lustre with time, but the drawing remains as clear as daylight.

Well, scalp micropigmentation takes a similar route as tattooing, but it has some slight differences. It works in the same way as tattooing in the manner that pigment is injected into the scalp. That is where the similarities end.

Unlike tattooing, scalp micropigmentation will not penetrate as deep into the skin. Whereas tattooing may go as much as five layers deep, scalp micropigmentation will only go as much as two.

This is done to help create the perfect texture for your hairline and to maintain the structure. A tattoo will spread all around and make the hairline look like a blotched experiment.



Will the procedure fix your hairline?


As far as making your hair grow back, no, it won’t. However, it will do the next best thing; create an illusion that you do have hair.

Scalp micropigmentation is vastly different from tattooing or microblading. It will rely on a process known as pointillism. In this process, the treatment is conducted by an electric device that injects different shades of the pigment into the scalp.

The purpose of this is to create the illusions of follicles and the corresponding shadows. In this way, unless someone physically touches your head, they will absolutely believe your hairline is where it is supposed to be.


Is the procedure only viable for hair loss?


The best part about this procedure is that it can work for a variety of needs. Do you need to change the way your edges look but you aren’t growing hair? Well, a spot of scalp micropigmentation is here to help.

There are very many applications you could pick from for the kind of hairline that you want. If you are looking for a soft fade hairline, or to give bulk to a thinning hairline, then this is your best option.


Scalp Micropigmentation Conclusion, Will it fix my hairline ?


Scalp micropigmentation will absolutely work for your hair situation. The question that matters should be, do you want to do it? If yes, find out more about how it is done here.


Will Scalp Micropigmentation Fix My Hairline
Can and Will Scalp Micropigmentation Fix My Hairline?