SMP For Women

SMP For Women

Female Scalp Micro pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation For Woman

Female pattern baldness tends to develop with age and/or hormonal fluctuations.  More often women experience thinning hair that bothers them.  Baldness in men is understood.  Women, however, frequently have a more difficult time adjusting.  At Skulltec we do not differentiate, and we approach thinning hair and full baldness the same—professionally and compassionately, with your goals in mind and your confidence restored.

Can Woman Get  Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Yes, Scalp micropigmentation for women is no different a practice than it is for men.  The strategy and plan are likely to be unique since quite often women will regrow hair.  Many women may not be ready to get a close hair cut, so we work to build density in areas of and around thinning hair so that a longer style can be kept without any noticeability of the scalp.

SMP – Scalp Micro Pigmentation Woman

Frequently the treatment areas are smaller and therefore the required number of sessions is fewer.  As scalp micropigmentation involves the implantation of all-natural tattoo ink into the upper dermal layer of the scalp, Skulltec artists focus on the gradual build-up of density in the treated areas in order to create optimal realism while also monitoring healed results, always protecting your skin and ensuring longevity of your treatment.

Scalp Micro For Woman Blog

Scalp micropigmentation for woman is far more than a tattoo technique.  It requires intuitive understanding of the skin and its heath.  Your investment is intended to last you many years.  Every woman’s treatment plan is unique based on a thorough consultation.

Helping women with their hair loss is intensely gratifying for us because we have witnessed what Scalp micropigmentation can achieve.  Look at our Scalp Micropigmentation Blog, see the results for yourself.  

How Can SMP Help You?

The first step is a consultation, either face to face or by phone with supporting photographs. This enables us to assess the type of hair loss you are experiencing and determine if scalp micropigmentation is a suitable remedy, given your individual circumstances and treatment aims.

We understand the effect that hair loss can have on women, and their understandable desire to do something to hide it. We offer extensive knowledge of this kind of hair loss treatment, and we possess the skills and experience to adapt our scalp micropigmentation technique far beyond what is possible in the average SMP clinic.

Treatments for women are not the same as treatments for men and should not be approached in the same way. Female clients have highly specific needs and anxieties, and so need an approach that works for them and achieves their desired treatment outcomes.

All treatments are completed in a private, welcoming and supportive setting. We are committed to helping as many women as possible to overcome the insecurities of hair loss so they can move on in their lives with happiness and confidence.