spiritual healing VancouverAre you searching for a powerful spiritual healing experience in Vancouver? Consider taking your journey with IbogaSoul. Take a psycho-spiritual adventure by deciding to work on yourself and take the necessary steps in your life that will change everything.

IbogaSoul offers traditional and authentic shamanistic ceremonies based on qualified intake forms that you can fill out on their website at ibogasoul.com. Simple complete the form and IbogaSoul will be in touch shortly.

During your unique 8 day session, guests at IbogaSoul’s spiritual healing center in Vancouver will experience first-hand two Iboga ceremonies, along with a spiritual shower that is native to the Bwiti tradition and unlike anything you have experience in your life. The value of coming for the all-inclusive retreat is multi-fold. The time that guests have to relax and reflect on their lives is extremely valuable and is something that most people never take time to do.

Returning or qualifying guests occasionally come back for a 3 day session that consists of a single ceremony. After every Iboga treatment, it’s necessary for guests to remain at IbogaSoul for a minimum of 24 hours for the Recovery Day. This is the day when the IbogaSoul staff routinely checks in to feed, listen to and counsel, since the Recovery Day is often filled with many highs and lows on physical, mental and emotional levels. Guests are always pleased to learn that IbogaSoul serves local and organic whenever possible and caters to the food preferences of all guests.

Ibogaine is currently being studied by medical science to further understand its relationship in spiritual growth. Those who are interested in improving their spiritual health and build confidence come to IbogaSoul to grow spiritually for Iboga treatment that offers an exceptional remedy for growing in knowledge and in spiritual development.

It is essential that you employ Iboga treatment at a center with experienced and highly skilled administers of Iboga. Contrary to what many people insist, Bwiti is the study of life, not a religion. It’s important to understand that only about .05% of what is read through Internet sources is factual. Iboga has been used for thousands of years as the way to turn Bwiti theories of life into experiential knowledge gained through spiritual journeys.

The Pygmy people of Africa first discovered the Earth’s gift of Iboga. If you can imagine way back in time, long before the time when people of the Earth communicated through cell phone or Internet or even by means of Morse code, the people of the Earth were already one with the natural forces of the planet and the questions that they asked were answered in the subtleties of every moment.

IbogaSoul is a spiritual healing treatment in Vancouver that can help you start paying attention to those moments again. They offer the tools to fast-track you to that place.

You can start your journey with a single step. Visit IbogaSoul.com to learn more about their spiritual healing in Vancouver. Fill out the intake form to request a session at IbogaSoul. spiritual healing Vancouver